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sceye 4th - the fourth generation

Why spend valuable time using slow scan speed and cumbersome handling? Your new partner for the digital document scanning is called sceye®. sceye® is a revolutionary document scanner for the professional desktop which within seconds produce excellent documents and formats as fast as you can read! Simply place your document in the sceye® - laser projection on your desktop. sceye® recognizes the pages automatically, positions it and cuts it in a way that the antiquated scanner is just history. With sceye® it is also possible to produce copies from bound papers and pages in the right order and because of the folding arm - it is also mobile.

With it`s outstanding design and the noble colors, sceye will become the eyecatcher on your desktop.

The highlight`s at a glance

  • the first product of a new generation of scanner`s
  • very compact, independent of power supply, perfect for mobile use
  • contact less capturing, wear free, maintenance free
  • a professional tool to capture business letters, invoices, receipts, stapled papers, folders, books within a eyeblink
  • Comfort and speed with the automatic functions -> automatic document detection, auto rotate, auto crop, auto save
  • tif (single and multi page tiff files), PDF, JPG, Print, Email
  • compatible with any software with Twain support

Option at a glance

  • sceye silver: great design - valuable color
  • sceye color: elegant colors - red, green or blue metallic
  • sceye LED silver: silver metallic with build in LED-light
  • sceye LED color: elegant colors with build in LED-light

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Tájékoztató árak:

A4-es LED lámpás, ezüst színű állvány, összetekerhető scan pad:    185.000.- Ft + Áfa

A3-as LED lámpás, ezüst színű állvány, összetekerhető scan pad ( 8 Megapixel) :    397.800.- Ft + Áfa

Színes ( Vörös, zöld, kék ) burkolat:  11.480.- Ft + Áfa